Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harry Magnet to Speak Publicly in Salt Lake City May 1

Harry Magnet Presents

Navigating to Peak Experiences

Do certain people, places, or activities trigger in you an Intense Reaction? These are peak experiences.

Harry Magnet has had unusual peak experiences at different places. Harry has studied geophysical patterns in these peak experiences in different regions of the country, over a period of more than six years. Find out more about Harry’s peak experiences.

The ubiquitous geomagnetic field is what helps guide birds and other animals in their seasonal migrations. Harry Magnet has discovered that he may be sensitive to the natural geomagnetic field, and use it to intuitively navigate. Harry may also be sensitive to man-made magnetic fields, especially when sleeping.

Harry navigates to his peak experiences by means of feelings and symptoms. He has a personal and family history of mental illness. Do his findings have any relevance to our understanding of mental illnesses, including bipolar mood disorder?



*Harry is not selling or promoting any product.

Sugarhouse: Thursday, May 1. 6:30 p.m. Sprague Library, 2131 Highland Drive.

Admission is free. You only need to bring an open mind.