Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Website Updates

I’ve updated my website. I’ve removed the 2009 research paper, which reflected my thinking in the early stages of my project, and is now out of date. The plan is to eventually replace it with an autobiographical book, but for now I present my main findings in an updated Two Mysteries article. This article is shorter and less technical than the research paper. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Updated brief discussion of animal and human magnetoreception research, with links for further reading
  • Expanded discussion of the Psychological Magnetic Map and associated peaks, with reference to light-dependent magnetoreception.
  • Discussion of the East-West Map/Natural Time Zones (NTZs), including psychological effects of living far from one’s home NTZ. I introduce the concept of NTZ Reset.
  • Expanded discussion of bed angles and bed angle reset.
  • Discussion of psychic experiences such as telepathy and messages in peak locations. Rotating bed angle connects me with different psychic entities, like rotating the tuning dial of an old-fashioned radio.
  • Discussion of ideal bedtime, and the formula used to calculate it anywhere on Earth.
  • Discussion of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
  • Discussion of sleep sensitivity to near distance and far distance objects. I introduce the concept of OSSADs (Objects to which I’m Sleep Sensitive At a Distance). I talk in depth about my experiences with these objects, mostly nonpowered, that affect my sleep at distances up to 60 meters/197 feet.
  • Discussion of my experiences with energy healing, specifically Biofield Tuning. I explain the connections between Biofield Tuning and magnetoreception.
  • Discussion of how some of my ideas can be experimentally verified. My sleeping behavior and environment should be focused on initially, and recent advances in the experimental study of human magnetoreception make it technically feasible to do so.
Other changes include some updates to the Are You Sensitive article. I talk about how my creative writing motivation seems to occur only in odd numbered solar cycles.