Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thoughts on the First Set of Harry Magnet Lectures

I gave my first public lectures October 10 and 16 in Salt Lake City, UT. The title was "Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields." Although they were sparsely attended, I thought the lectures were worthwhile. For one thing, this set of lectures was the first time I spoke publicly as Harry Magnet. It was good practice speaking in front of a group. In the October 10 lecture, I met a woman who had some similar sensitivities. She sometimes changes her bed angle for psychological effect, as I do. While I have one ideal bedtime at any given time and place, she has 2 different ideal bedtimes. In the October 16 lecture, people in the audience asked some very good questions. Based on her questions, one lady appeared to be a scientist, or at least someone knowledgeable about biology.

The presentation I gave is loosely based on the Two Mysteries article on my website. I modified it to include an introduction to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, and focus on sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. I also cut out a lot of things from my results section, focusing on the main points.

I plan to do more lectures in Salt Lake. I’ll probably do my next set of lectures in December.

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